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100% Certified Organic Home Delivery… We’re Taking it Uber-Style!!

By August 24, 2018MCO News
We’ve got some pretty exciting news to share in our Farm Shed this week!! Here it goes… we are bringing YOU Australia’s first Uber-Style farm drop delivering 100% Certified Organic fruits, veg, and pantry delights straight from the farms in Uber chill(ed) vans. Our vans will ensure the freshness of your delivery so you can rely on us to take care of your weekly/fortnightly deliveries.
Our team is uber excited with this launch to improve your experience with us and can’t wait to hear what YOU think of this new feature – drop us a line and say Hey!
It’s a fantastic way for our members to visually track their farm drops and plan their days for delivery knowing in ease when to expect their goodies.
This is one of the many new features on its way to improve your experience with us so stick around…we’ve got more surprises up our sleeves!
How it works…
1. Members will receive an email on the night before as follows…
Hi Brad,
Your farm fresh delivery is due to arrive at your delivery location around 12:35 AM on 15/08/2018.
Please note this is an estimate and may vary by 2hrs either side. We will send you an SMS 2hrs prior with an update to the ETD and a link to track your delivery as well.
Have a great day and please remember to leave your empty box outside for collection.
Team Munch Crunch
  1. Members with a scheduled time before 9:00 AM receive an SMS on the night before as follows… 
Hi Sue, your farm drop is due to arrive around 8:50 AM on 15/08/2018, track it here: (you will get a link here)
  1. For all other members, an SMS is sent two hours before the scheduled time as follows…
Hi Brad, your farm drop is due to arrive within the next 2 hours from now, track it here: (you will get a link here)
  1. Initially, the job is still open so the link points to a tracking page
    1. If the driver is serving another customer then the truck points to the opposite direction.  
    2. If the driver is on the way to the customer address then the truck points to that direction and the bubble shows the ETA 
    3. Click on the refresh button (next to the name Munch Crunch) after a while to see the new driver’s position


  1. When the delivery is finalised the system sends a final SMS as follows
Hi Rachel, your order has been delivered on 15/08/2018 12:35:20, view POD here: (you will get a link here)
When traditional organic farming meeting the 21st century…How uber-organic is this?? We’re buzzing away like bees working on the next update for our members to improve your experience with us. Would love to have you around to see what we’re up to next!!

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