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5 Unexpected Reasons to Eat More Beetroot

By August 6, 2019Lifestyle

Raw or roasted, I just can’t get enough of beetroot.

This beautifully coloured root vegetable is one of my favourites to cook with, and I adore it even more when I remember the boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it gives to my meals every time I include it. 

We all know that beetroot is good for us, but did you know about these lesser-known health benefits?

Feeling stressed? 

Next time you’re feeling tense after a toddler tantrum, reach for the beetroot! Beetroot contains a high concentration of nitrates, which the body converts to dilate blood vessels and improves blood flow. This helps lowers overall blood pressure, which in the long run can help reduce your risk of heart attacks, heart failure and stroke. Better yet, these effects can kick in just 30 minutes after consuming! 

Painkilling Powers

Feeling sore? If you find yourself reaching for a pack of Panadol, try washing it down with a glass of beetroot juice. The betalain antioxidants in beetroot can help reduce inflammation by interfering with the body’s inflammatory signalling process, with effects said to rival those of synthetic drugs. 

Boost your workout

Eating beetroot may help to enhance your athletic performance by increasing blood flow, improving lung function, and strengthening muscle contraction, keeping you going for longer (every little helps!). Juice some up and drink a couple of hours before hitting the gym for best results – see if you notice the difference!  

Value for Veggies

Beetroots are a fantastic plant-based source of iron, which is especially important for vegans and vegetarians in transporting oxygen around the body and preventing anemia. Better still, they contain high levels of Vitamin C which helps with absorption.

Sore head?

If you’re feeling a little foggy after indulging in one too many the night before, try bringing beetroot to the breakfast table. Beetroots contains vitamin A and vitamin B6, which help protect the liver from oxidative stress and enhance its ability to remove toxins from the body, helping you get back to your brighter self! 

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