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Autumn Week 9 Update

By April 24, 2019From the Farm

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break with your family and friends. Hopefully you didn’t all overdo it on the chocolate front like we did!

This coming week and quite possibly the following week, there will be substitutions in your freshly harvested produce boxes. This is down to the fact that we wanted to keep our delivery days on schedule over the public holidays and not all of our farmers had produce available for the harvest days we needed, so we had to juggle things about a bit to ensure all our deliveries still came out to everyone.

We will keep you updated with this and are working hard to get it back to normal harvesting within a couple of weeks as our farmers get their crops ready for you all as soon as possible.

All our deliveries can be followed in Realtime via the link you will receive by SMS and once you have your delivery a second SMS as proof of delivery is sent with a photo, including the time, date and location in case you missed us.

Make sure you get your order in for next week by Wednesday 11:59pm AEST!

A full list of our delivery areas by suburb and day can be found here.


SNEAK PEEK – What’s in your box next week?


Chicken Thighs, Boneless/Skinless – Fred & Sarah, Kilkivan

Premium Rump SteakJenny & Cam, Longreach

Beef Mince – Anthony & Janet Brook (OBE)

Lamb & Mint Sausages – Jenny & Cam, Longreach

Beef Brisket – Anthony & Janet Brook (OBE)



Eye Fillet Steaks – Anthony & Janet Brook (OBE)

Premium Rump Steak – Jenny & Cam, Longreach

Beef Mince – Anthony & Janet Brook (OBE)

Pure Beef rissoles – Anthony & Janet Brook (OBE)

Beef Brisket – Anthony & Janet Brook (OBE)




 Apples – McMahon Brothers

 Grapes – Stanthorpe

 Potatoes Variety – Sutton

 Red Onions – Lockyer Valley

Corn – Duke

 Silverbeet – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Lettuce – Mark & Sara (Singing Farmer Organics)

 Mandarine – Murray Grove

 Limes – Murray Grove

Broccoli Variety – Busch

 Cucumber – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Lychees – Grima Brothers

 Potatoes Variety – Sutton

 Mushrooms – Benalla

 Turmeric – Lockyer Valley

Oregano – Rob (Gulgan Organics)




Potatoes VarietySutton

 Red Onions – Lockyer Valley

Corn – Duke

 Silverbeet – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Lettuce – Mark & Sara (Singing Farmer Organics)

Broccoli Variety Busch

 Cucumber – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Potatoes Variety x2 – Sutton

 Mushrooms – Benalla

 Turmeric – Lockyer Valley

 Oregano – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Zucchini – Murray

Lettuce x2 – Mark & Sara (Singing Farmer Organics)

 Corn x2Duke



Apples – McMahons

Lemons/Oranges – Murray Grove

Bananas – Grima Brothers

Beetroot – Biofarms

Celery – Lockyer Valley

Cucumber Green – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

Ginger – Peter Nicholson

Juicing Carrots – Wombat Organics

Kale Black – Rob (Gulgan Organics

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