Walter’s Artisan Bread

Type: Bread

100% Certified Organic

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My Story

Walter grew up in South Africa, with his German-heritage mother baking bread every day. When he moved to Australia, he struggled to find good, wholesome bread like he was used to. Over the years he made bread, and eventually attempted to replicate a bread an Aunt made in South Africa- a sourdough bread.

So he studied up and over the years tried different sourdough methods and starters, eventually baking a delicious white sourdough that he shared with family and friends. A home renovation gave him space to make more bread and he slowly offered bread for sale. Little did he know how many other
people were looking for good bread

Eventually his ‘hobby’ became too big for Walter alone, and the team  expanded.  We now have a wonderful, committed team making the best sourdough bread, and delivering to you all around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane from our new premises at the Big Pineapple.

Now your family can also enjoy the fruits of Walter’s search for good bread, and reap the benefits of eating long-fermented sourdough bread just like our family has for years.

Fun Facts
1. An in-house favourite from Team Walter Artisan is the classic White Sourdough Bread, topped with balsamic vinegar and olive oil- you’ll have to try it
yourself to see why!
2. Walter’s Artisan sourdough breads are all long-fermented over three days and made with just a few simple ingredients: organic flour, salt and filtered water.