Australia’s First, 100% Certified Organic, Multi-Farm Network

Our CSA process is designed to benefit both the grower and the consumer. Munch Crunch members sow into their local farming community by buying a share in the season’s harvest, and in return reap the benefits of delicious, Certified Organic produce.

Grow, reduce, regenerate

Our Community Supported Agriculture incorporates the best of both worlds- traditional organic farming methods are supported by modern technology. By joining the Munch Crunch CSA, you are supporting farmers to grow sustainably, reduce waste, and regenerate the soil. 

Just as traditional and modern methods work together, our program also allows small-scale sustainable farms to work with their local community, creating a greater connection between our members, their food, and its growers. 

Structure & stability

The current industrialised food production system is not designed to benefit farmers. Have you ever wondered how much the farmer was paid for the avocado you bought from the local supermarket?

Our direct model ensures farmers are provide with structure and stability, particularly in tough times, and supports them in continuing their ethical farming practices under Australian Certified Organic.

Our innovative model makes the benefits of CSA available to more people, increasing the economic and environmental impacts.

Our mission is to build a Community Supported Agriculture network of Certified Organic Farmers to

Plan crops, assist with certification, share knowledge and resources to support new and current farmers.

Return farmers a fair, transparent and agreed price with a commitment to taking all of their produce.

Munch Crunch Organics Cycle

A CSA cycle just makes sense!

Connecting our growers and members means the costs associated with Certified Organic are reduced- for the consumer, the farmer and the land.

Why a regular seasonal harvest?

The core of Munch Crunch is a community which connects our growers and our members.

This partnership is one that benefits all those involved- in the Munch Crunch Family, no one misses out!

Our farmers benefit as they receive an even and steady demand and waste is reduced, allowing them to stay in the field.

You benefit by having access to Certified Organic produce. We benefit by seeing our vision of a vibrant community come to life.

Join the family today!

Certified Organic

Our produce is 100%  Certified Organic.


Our CSA network members are independently audited by a third party.

We can help!

We provide assistance for non-organic farmers to become certified according to the stringent organic standards.

Ask us how

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