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Eco Expo 2018- Save the World

By September 21, 2018Latest News

Munch Crunch Eco Expo

We had a blast at the Eco Expo this weekend in Brisbane. As Australia’s largest health and sustainability expo, Munch Crunch was excited to have a stall among many other amazing vendors, all with the common goal of creating a better, more sustainable world. It was inspiring to see so many people coming together to help others leave a lighter footprint on the earth. This year’s theme of the Expo was ‘One Eco Step’- encouraging us all to take just one step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We can’t do everything, but we can each do one thing at a time- and together each small step can amount to a significant change! It can seem incedibly challenging to change our lifestyles. Our society has placed such an emphasis on convenience, and so many everyday products or activities which make our lives easier aren’t actually very eco-friendly. They’re often produced through highly toxic processes, contain toxins and chemicals, and are made quite cheaply compared to sustainable, quality products. Finding alternatives can also be difficult- so how fantastic to have a one stop shop like the Eco Expo!


Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Gathering wonderful vendors and speakers from throughout Australia in one place, the Eco Expo showcased fantastic and innovative tips, tools and solutions for sustainable lifestyles- from locally sourced honey and wax products from Apairies 8, to plastic-free solutions from Flora & Fauna, to the electric car from Tesla and shipping container home from Bespoke Habitats. There were so many sustainable alternatives to every day products! Fellow Byron Bay local Arlian Ecker, ‘The Plastic Free Boy‘ was also there and one of the many inspiring speakers. The importance of sustainability is emphasised when we look at our children and the next generation like Arlian, knowing that by implementing sustainable practices now they will have the opportunity to grow up in a better world. Besides, we would MUCH rather eat this delicious, locally collected pure honey!

Apairies 8 Australian Honey

Apairies 8 is family-owned and run in Brisbane, sourcing 100% Australian honey- pure, natural and SO delicious!


Flora & Fauna Plastic Free

Our everyday lives don’e need to be filled with plastic thanks to brands like Flora & Fauna


We were also thrilled to be able to supply the fresh produce for the Progressive Picnic, giving people a taste of just how delicious and nutritious organic food is! Cooked by My Kitchen Rules winners Alex and Emily, we hope diners enjoyed the amazing dishes! There were also a range of stall holders and food trucks with a delicious range of food- vegan, vegetarian, organic, gluten-free, you name it! We definitely could have spent all day just checking out the food!

Organic Progressive Picnic Eco Expo

The Progressive Picnic gave guests a taste of amazing organic food

Our Passion for Sustainable Food

We’re often faced with comments about how hard it is to ‘go organic’. It can certainly seem overwhelming to completely change our lifestyles all in one go, but we always encourage people to just switch one product at a time. A sustainable lifestyle takes time to build, but that shouldn’t discourage us from trying to live one. We believe our Community Supported Agriculture model is one that makes 100% Certified Organic produce easier for consumers to access, and also supports the hard work of organic farmers. Sustainability is marked by the positive impacts it has on every part of a community, not just the consumer. Food grown through organic practices and a model like our CSA model benefits the environment, animals, growers, the local economy and consumers, creating a better, overall community! By receiving your regular order from Munch Crunch, we are all working together to make a sustainable lifestyle easier- and a better future a reality. We are so grateful for the community that is being built around this passion for sustainable food, and so excited to see others who are also contributing to a sustainable world with eco-friendly products.

As we change one thing at a time in our lives, soon we’ll look back and see that every step has led us on an amazing journey of greater sustainability and health- for ourselves, others and the earth. Together we truly can make a difference! We’d love to hear from you- what is one step you have taken or are preparing to take to create a better world? Let us know in the comments!

Munch Crunch Eco Expo

Munch Crunch Organics- Changing the way we grow and eat fresh poduce

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