Farmer Christy Shelper & DJ Garner

Type: Hass Avocadoes

100% Certified Organic

ACO#: 12525

Soil Type: Clay Loam

I’m Located Here 🙂

My Story

‘Big Swing Organics’ – what’s in a name? A Cirque de Soleil trapeze artist and a street clown, that’s what! Christy and DJ fell into farming when they ran away from the circus to raise their family in paradise. They now own 40 organic acres in Goonengerry, Byron Shire. They are passionate about feeding ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages quality, organic food. Juggling avocados, turmeric, dragonfruit and pasture raised eggs, ‘Big Swing Organics is forever ambitious, so keep watching for the next big trick’. Big Swing Organics holds organic certification through Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Through soil therapies, ethics and a whole lot of hard work, Christy and DJ bend over backwards to exceed the standards set by ACO. They are striving to leave the land better than they found it. Roll up, roll up (your sleeves), grab a shovel, this show is only just beginning!

Fun Facts
1. Despite fully dedicating themselves to farming and family you’ll find Christy and DJ down at Spaghetti Circus in Mullumbimby, sharing their circus skills with the local kids for a few hours each week.
2. In all our travels over the world we’ve never found a more friendly and sharing community as the farmers of the Northern Rivers.