Farmer Jane and Jose

Type: Citrus, Custard Apples, Elderflowers and Macadamias

100% Certified Organic

Certified by:  #1389

I’m Located Here 🙂

My Story

When we moved to our farm in 2002 it was predominately stone fruit, custard apples and citrus with 200 lime trees.

When we saw how many chemicals were involved in growing stone fruit, we got rid of all the stone fruit and tripled the lime trees. The limes needed no chemicals and there was no problem with fruit flies.

We named our farm Rancho Relaxo very much tongue in cheek as Relaxo- not so mucho! Friends and family love to come for some relaxo though.

Our Certified Organic and pesticide-free farm is situated on the rich volcanic soils of the Byron Bay hinterland in Northern NSW, Australia. Along with limes we also grow mandarins. Our produce is sold locally and also used in our hand-crafted cordials.

We take a sustainable, low-intervention approach to farming, treating the land
with respect and assisting nature, rather than pushing for bumper crops.

Fun Facts
1. Jose used to be a Trapeze artist in the circus
2. Jane loves VW Combi’s