Farmer Matthew

Type: Pork and Vegetables

100%  Certified Organic

Farmer Matthew from Munch Crunch Organics
I’m Located Here 🙂

My Story

Matthew has been farming in the red soil at the Sunforest for over 15 years. The property is situated over the escarpment of Byron Bay for and is home to Certified Organic and free-range pork. Large, open-air enclosures and Sunforest’s paddocks allow the pigs to roam, roll in the mud, and eat grass. They are also fed Certified Organic whole grains.

Matthew now also grows a mixture of seasonal vegetables, ranging from purple sweet potatoes to chillies to cucumbers.

Fun Facts
1.  Matthew used to grow turkeys.
2.  His farm dog is a Maremma, which protect the farm animals from wild ones.