community supported agriculture

CSA is a process whereby community members buy a share in a season’s harvest. In return, they enjoy a delivery of produce each week, sharing the same benefits as the farmers they support.

Grow, reduce, regenerate

Without the community support through CSA, it’s difficult for small-scale sustainable farms to survive. Our Community Supported Agriculture project connects traditional organic farming methods with today’s technology by linking our network of farmers to their local community, we are helping them grow to order, reduce waste and regenerate the soil.

It’s a mutual relationship that allows members to receive weekly boxes of highest quality farm-to-table 100% Certified Organic produce delivered directly to them in return for the commitment.

Structure & stability

The truth is, farmers suffer from the cutthroat price wars that are controlled by the big players in the Food and Agriculture industry. Did you ever wonder how much a farmer was paid for that Avocado you bought at your local Woolsworth?

Community Supported Agriculture provides more stability in general than the flux and flow of farmer’s markets. Our direct model provides the structure and stability to keep farmers going through tough times and encourages them to sustain their ethical farming practices under Australian Certified Organic.

Our innovative model is taking CSA’s direct to a larger pool of members. This is more stable for growers and ultimately sustainable economically and environmentally.

Our mission is to build a CSA network of Certified Organic Farmers to:

Plan crops, assist with certification, share knowledge and resources to support new and current farmers.

Return farmers a fair, transparent and agreed price with a commitment to taking all of their produce.

Munch Crunch Organics Cycle

A CSA cycle just makes sense!

By connecting farmers to our members – this circular relationship reduces the cost of Certified Organic to the consumer, to the farmer and to the land.

Why a regular seasonal harvest?

The core vision of our CSA project is to create a seasonal relationship between the “Grower” and “You”. Your participation, allows our Growers to produce certified organic produce with certainty that it will make it to your door and not to the floor.

This reduces waste, creates an even demand for growers and in turn keeps small scale organic farmers in the field and not at the mercy of the supermarkets…

All the while, making it fresher and more readily available to you.


Certified Organic

We only use produce from Certified Organic farmers in our crates.


All the farmers and growers in our network are independently audited by a 3rd party.

We can help!

We assist and help non-organic farmers become certified and meet the strict and legally bound organic standards.

Ask us how

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