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I need some help!

You’ve come to the right place. Have a look through the FAQ on this page for the answers to some common questions about Munch Crunch Organics.

We aim to shake up the broken fresh produce industry and make a local connection between our members and our farmers. Just like a visit to your  local farmers market, only better! Delicious, community supported, Certified Organic, fresh produce. From the Farmgate direct to your door.

We want you to be a part of it!

If you’re still scratching your head about anything, contact us through the details below:

1300 686 242 from 9am-3pm, Tuesday to
Friday ( Brisbane Time)


Social Media:

Facebook Messenger via the Munch Crunch Facebook page.

Office Hours:
Our office hours are 9am-3pm, Monday to Thursday. We will endeavour to respond to your query by the next COB business day

Some common questions

What is the cut-off time for orders?

All orders must be made before 11:59pm Wednesday (AEST) in order to receive your box the following week. Orders made after this time will be delivered in the next delivery week.

What if I'm not home when the box is delivered?

Your regular delivery day is confirmed when you set up your account, and is dependent on your location. You can check your delivery day above.

To ensure your produce remains as fresh as possible we keep your produce chilled from harvest to delivery.

You can tell us in your order notes where to leave your crate if you’re not home so you can arrive to a delicious, crunchy 100% Certified Organic harvest share!

What happens if I'm not happy with the produce I receive?

While we do our very best to maintain the highest quality of produce, we know that sometimes human error or mistakes may occur. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products we offer a Family Satisfaction Guarantee and a credit will be added to your account. Just contact us and let us know- it’s the Munch Crunch Family way!

How often can I change or pause my order?

You can pause and/or change your harvest share as often as you like via the My Harvest Share link in My Farmgate but it must be done before the weekly cut-off time of  11:59pm Wednesday(AEST).  We need to do this to give our farmers plenty of notice before they run their weekly picking process.

Why don’t you deliver to all areas?

We’re still growing! Our CSA growing network is designed to grow and deliver as locally as possible. If we don’t deliver in your area yet please complete the registration form and we will contact you when we’re in your neighbourhood.


Please note: payments must be made by Wednesday night 11.59pm (AEST)

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Nope! We are pleased to offer our members a free delivery service of their harvest produce.

How do I pay?

Payment is via credit card and once set up is automates. So just sit back and look forward to your share of the harvest!

Where do I find my receipt?

Receipts can be found in My Farmgatealong with all your account details!

Ethics and the environment

Are you Certified Organic?

Yes. All of our produce is from our trusted network of Certified Organic farms and we too are certified by Australian Organic- our license number 12406. We undergo an annual inspection process to ensure we are compliant to the organic standards. More info here

Do you use GMOs?

No. We are 100% Certified Organic and GMOs are prohibited under the organic standards.

Do you use synthetic preservatives and additives?

No. All our produce is fresh from our organic farmers and grown the way nature intended.

How much produce is grown by your own farmers or farmer network?

Our target within three months of launching is to source a minimum of 80% of your produce locally from our network farmers in the region.

Do you source 100% local?

To offer some level of choice and variety, at times your crate may contain Australian-grown, Certified Organic produce from another region. This will be produce that doesn’t grow well in our sub-tropical region, like apples   or pears. We may occasionally handpick produce from small-scale regional farmers, with the least amount of food miles possible. Still 100% Certified Organic.

When you set up your box subscription you’ll get notification of your delivery day and a four-hour time delivery slot. If you think your box is going to be outside for more than two hours, just let us know and we can   add and ice pack to it. We use state of the art packing facilities and all our produce is super fresh, and chilled from paddock all the way through to your front door.

You can also tell us in the My Farmgate portal where to leave your crate if your not home, eg; on the front balcony. In fact more than 70% of our customers are out when we deliver.

What are you doing to encourage more farmers to grow organically?

Traditional CSA models ask for money up front from the customer to pay the farmer for the season ahead. We are organically creating and growing our farmer network and don’t ask for a huge upfront fee. We support our farmers by helping them plan their crops, paying them a fixed fair price and increasing their harvests as we grow. We also offer assistance in micro farmers wishing to become Certified Organic.

Why do you use packaging?

We are proud to use NO plastic packaging, using only what is absolutely necessary to prevent food waste. We use recyclable materials and biodegradable packaging. Our packing facilities are also HACCP and SFQ approved.

What is Munch Crunch doing about its carbon footprint?

We are constantly looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. All our vehicles are registered through Greenfleet, which means all the carbon generated from box deliveries goes into planting trees that sequester carbon. The UK Government has also shown that organic farming uses 30-40% less greenhouse gas emissions than non-organic farming and that organically managed soils are very good at storing atmospheric carbon.

Harvest Questions

Why is the harvest selection set?

Munch Crunch offers fresh, seasonal produce, straight from our growers. We don’t use long-term storage chemicals on  our produce, so you receive only the freshest 100% Certified Organic harvest.

This ensures we can offer our Munch Crunchers the best through:

Cost- by growing produce to demand, we keep the costs down for our members, and growers.

Freshness- our seasonal produce is delivered to you fresh from the harvest (and not from the storage shelves).

Sustainability- growing to demand means that we can reduce unnecessary produce waste, and the impact on our earth. Our sustainable model also secures our food, and its future.

For more info on “Why” check our blog on CSAs

What do I do if my harvest share hasn’t arrived?

Double check the delivery details on your portal and if your delivery is outside of the delivery time frame stated then call one of our friendly delivery drivers on 1300 686 242.

Why don’t you deliver to all areas?

We’re still growing! Our CSA farming network is designed to grow and deliver as locally as possible. If we don’t deliver in your area yet please complete the registration form and we will contact you when we’re in your neighbourhood.

Where can I see the harvest contents?

When you join Munch Crunch, we make sure you receive regular updates about your harvest. We also share updates on what’s new in the munchcrunch world on our website, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

What size box is best for me?

We have a guide in our Farmgate, giving an indication of how many people each harvest size could feed. If fruit and veg are a big portion of your diet then we suggest you go for a bigger size or mix and match sizes.

How often do I get a box delivered?

Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, with the option to pause or cancel any time you want.

What if I have dislikes or allergies?

When you create your account, you can make us aware of any dislikes or allergies and we’ll do our best to substitute it with another product.

Should I wash my Munch Crunch fruit & veg?

While we don’t use any nasties and have minimal packaging in our processes, we do recommend you wash your produce to remove any excess soil. Washing produce reduces their shelf life, nutritional content and flavour, so we recommend this is done as close to eating as possible.

Changing the way we grow & eat farm fresh produce