Meet our Aussie farmers

We work with a range of fantastic local Certified Organic farmers, ensuring they are paid a fair price for their produce. Our farmers are passionate about producing nutrient-dense food in a way which supports the environment and wildlife around us.

Meet our Team of Local Growers

Learn more about the farmers who are behind the scenes of Munch Crunch! They sow, grow and harvest your produce with love, all year long.

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Avg. Farmer age
Farmers 40 & under
This will leave a big gap in Australian food production in the not too distant future.

We want to ensure that every grower has the chance to succeed – their success is ours too! We want to support you – particularly if you are a young  grower  so we can protect our food supply and keep it local and organic for generations to come.

Changing the way we grow & eat farm fresh produce