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Meet Heath, Melissa and their son Rockford, the family at the core of the Munch Crunch Community.

Envisioning a more conscious lifestyle, Heath and Melissa swapped their suits for boardies and Blundstones and moved to quaint Bangalow in 2015, after 20 years in the corporate world of Sydney. With a new baby on the way, they sought to develop a lifestyle for their family which cared for themselves, their community, and nature- the very source of life-sustaining food!

They discovered Munch Crunch Organics, a home delivery service founded by organic farmer Alasdair in 2008. After becoming regular customers, Heath and Melissa decided to buy Munch Crunch Organics. Their goal is to create a community which works together, for the benefits of everyone involved. That’s the Munch Crunch Family way!


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planting the seeds of Munch Crunch

Our MCO family includes our network of local farmers and the people within our community- including you!

Together, we build a powerful cost-efficient food system that provides accessibility to Certified Organic produce for those who do not generally have access to it, connecting out growers with new customers who they would have never been able to reach. We allow growers to continue farming according to Australian Certified Organic regulations, and reduce the pressure our growers face going up against the big guys running the current food industry system. 

This community is our family, and this planet is our home. There’s simply no better way of harnessing what Mother Nature has given us than by investing in truly authentic food which cares for our earth.

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