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Our Top 6 Hacks for creating a Low Tox Home

By June 7, 2019Tips and Tricks

Scary as it is, our homes have so many toxic chemicals floating around them. They are in everything from the flooring and your clothes right through to the cleaning products we use, the products we put on our skin and the food that we eat.

We have some really useful tips on how to start reducing exposure to toxic chemicals:

Carry a list of toxic chemicals with you when you go shopping

There is so much more awareness of the dangerous chemicals used in every day products nowadays, which is great. What’s not great is trying to remember all of them while you are out shopping. Beauty Counter have a really handy list called the ‘Never List’ that you can print off and carry in your pocket.

Shop at online natural stores

Online natural stores are amazing and you can get some amazing products. Some great stores in Australia are Shop Naturally, Biome and Nourished Life.

Any time you are buying fabrics, look for natural fabrics and materials in clothes and building materials. It is best to avoid polyester clothes which is not so easy these days – preferring cotton, linen, silk, wool and other natural fibres.

Get a weekly organic box

Getting all or most of your fruit and veg organic helps to reduce a lot of exposure. By committing to Certified Organic it reduces your exposure even more. You will also notice the difference in flavour and a huge difference to your health.

Buy organic or gluten free bread

Glyphosate is used to spray most wheat grown commercially in Australia. It is now well known that there is a direct link between Glyphosate and cancer. If possible try and only buy organic or gluten free bread to avoid this exposure.

Avoid using pesticides and chemical fertilisers in the home and garden

A really great way to fertilise your garden is by having a worm farm. It is great for reducing household waste, does not attract rats and is sensational for the garden.  To spray pests on plants you can use a chilli, garlic mixture made up in a spray bottle.

Leave us a comment with any tips you have for Low Tox living!

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