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Our Top 6 Recycling Hacks Anyone Can Do That Actually Make A Difference!

By March 12, 2019Tips and Tricks

We all know about the huge recycling crisis throughout Australia at the moment and while there is huge pressure on the government to take action around this, it’s not just on them to do something about it. If everyone got a little bit more understanding around what can and can’t be recycled and was willing to make just a few small changes it would actually make such a big difference to our world. We can make or break anything in this world, it just takes a bit of time to learn a little about what you can do and a small bit of effort to change some things. #bethechange

We’ve put together 6 small changes everyone can make that would massively benefit our country and our world. Even if you just do one thing from this list, it will help us all!

Create your own compost by throwing all or most of your food scraps into a compost bin or at worst a backyard bin if you really don’t want an indoor composter. Depending on where you live, you could chip in with neighbours to do it as a collective, which serves to get more of you doing your bit.

Growing your own food would reduce so much waste. All your scraps can then be recycled back into compost to keep growing more food! You can start with containers if necessary or a small patch in your yard or shared garden. You could also join a community garden and attend food swaps with other people eager to do their bit for the recycling industry.

A really good and easy way to make a difference is to contact the companies sending out unnecessary promotional gifts and tell them to stop sending them to you which saves a lot of waste.

You can use beeswax wraps, reusable containers and multi-use bread bags. There are sustainable options for almost everything. Also by always taking your own non-plastic reusable bags makes a huge difference. This should be a no-brainer for everyone but there are still tonnes of plastic bags and other plastics going to landfill every day.

Another no brainer for all of us is to recycle card, paper and cardboard as there is tones of it on landfills across Australia. By just making sure that all of your recyclables do actually go into the recycling bin makes a huge difference.

Always ensure you take a reusable drink container with you and reduce the plastic bottles you buy and subsequently throw away. Another easy way is to be willing to use a reusable coffee cup. The cardboard cups from coffee shops are not actually recyclable so by using your own cup makes another big difference.

As you can see these are really quite minimal changes with such a huge impact on our environment and if every person committed to making just 1 change it truly would make a difference. We can all talk about how awful the current situation is, but do any of us really do what we can? I know I will be making these changes and encouraging my children to get involved so our future generations have the awareness and won’t have to face these issues!







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