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Plastic Free July – Are You Getting Involved?

By July 12, 2019Newsletter

Millions of people across the world will be taking part in the solution to plastic pollution for Plastic Free July. This can help us all have cleaner streets, oceans and beautiful communities. If you want to join in you can join here.

In order for you to get started here are some of the ways you can join in with Plastic Free July:

Rather than buying your takeaway coffee in their throw away cups, take your own reusable coffee cup to be filled up or enjoy a coffee in the coffee shop. There are many reusable coffee cups available on the market. Keep it in your bag or on your desk at work; wherever you’ll remember to use it.

Plastic water bottles are a major contribution to plastic pollution. You can bring your own reusable water bottle rather than buying plastic ones. Be sure to choose a socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly alternative, such as a reusable bottle made from stainless steel, glass, or safe aluminium.

Everyone should already be taking their own reusable shopping bags when going food shopping, you can buy them at the shops or online and they last for ages. It’s a great idea to keep a stash of your reusable bags somewhere where you’ll remember them; like in the boot of your car or by your front door. You can also get into the habit of writing a reminder to yourself at the start of each grocery shopping list.

Meat, fish and deli counter products mostly come on polystyrene trays which are virtually impossible to recycle. You can choose to avoid these by buying your meat from a local butcher, fishmonger or deli counter that provides it unpackaged. You just need to remember your own reusable containers.

Buying plastic-wrapped or packaged fruits and vegetables is most definitely convenient, but it also creates a lot of plastic waste. What you can do is to look out for loose fruit and vegetables in your local grocery store, or head to a farmers market or organic store where plastic packaging is less often used.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Reduce what you buy. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself if you truly need it, or if you can repurpose other items that you already have. Shopping for second hand clothing and products helps contribute to less waste. Avoid products that are wrapped in plastic, and seek more sustainable alternatives.

There are lots of events worldwide for Plastic Free July and you can go here to find local events or even start your own Plastic Free July event in your home town.

You can take the challenge and join in just for July or make a commitment to go plastic free from now. Let us know in the comments what you are doing for Plastic Free July.


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