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This week is National Recycling Week – What you CAN do to help

By November 15, 2018Latest News

This week is National Recycling Week, November 12 to 18, help spread the message.

Reduce, Reuse and then… Recycle. Some countries are pretty good at it but Australia stands at 13th in the OECD recycling ranking.  Come guys let’s step up the game!!

With the Great Pacific Garbage Patch now bigger than the size of France and our iconic Great Barrier Reef struggling to survive, we can all step up and do our bit. This is a battle we don’t want to lose because the ashes will be planet Earth.

Some Tips from Coastbeat…

Buy with the end use in mind

  1. Stop buying one-use plastic. Use containers, foil, beeswax wraps and paper
  2. Choose recyclable over throw away – look for the recycle logo on the packaging
  3. Choose goods NOT wrapped in plastic
  4. Take your own containers to the shops
  5. Stock up on nifty re-useable shopping bags that fold to pocket size
  6. Wrap the sandwiches in beeswax wraps, baking or grease-proof paper – great for leaving a love-note! See our article on Beeswax Wraps for some inspiration
  7. Get creative! Use recyclables to make sculpture and bespoke paper; turn tins and tubs into seedling pots; turn plastic food trays into drawer organisers
  8. Take printer cartridges to a Planet Ark recycle bin, available at most post offices
  9. Take mobiles and batteries to a MobileMuster point – ask your Council or retail outlet
  10. Use recycled toilet paper – if we all used 100% recycled toilet tissue in just one bathroom of our homes then together, we would save 55,000 tonnes of paper every year. Enough to fill 100 Olympic swimming pools! No butts about it!

Unknown Things You Can Recycle

Why didn’t anyone tell us we could recycle this stuff?

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