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Good, Clean, Fair – Why ‘Slow Food’ is the Movement We Need, Fast!

By August 14, 2019Newsletter

We created Munch Crunch Organics on a few basic principles; everyone should be able to access and enjoy nutritious food that is good for them, good for those who grow it, and good for our planet. 

To us, this is best encapsulated by the ‘Slow Food Movement’, a mindful approach to food that has existed for centuries. The idea behind Slow Food is simple; food should be produced naturally, sourced locally, and prepared to be enjoyed

Unfortunately, this concept has more recently been trampled by the highly consumptive (and highly destructive) ‘Fast Food’ movement, whose unsustainable form of food demand is harming both our health and the environment, and warping expectations of how food should be produced and consumed. Supermarkets, we’re looking at you. Maccas, also you. 

We believe it’s time to take our approach to food down a gear. 

The Slow Food Movement is based by three core principles;

  • Good: food should be produced and consumed in its most natural and highest quality form, so that it can be enjoyed as one of the greater pleasures of life, rather than just fuel
  • Clean: from farming to processing to consumption, sustainable practises to protect the environment, and our health in turn, should be implemented
  • Fair: consumers should have access to fairly priced food, whilst producers should experience good conditions and receive a fair pay for their work

You can see why we are such advocates at Munch Crunch.

Slow Food highlights the fact that we can no longer ignore the harm our fast food production and consumption systems are causing to the earth, our ecosystems and to ourselvesIn a world where we can pick up cheap, fast food through our car window, we need to reassess our priorities and recognise the role we have in shaping our food ecosystem. 

We can switch from ‘consumers’ to ‘co-producers’ by making a few simple choices – which we think has a much nicer ring to it. 

Perhaps the easiest place to start is by making small changes in your own home, by:

  • sourcing organic, seasonally grown produce from local producers where possible, you can help protect the environment and support farmers
  • reducing or eliminating processed foods where possible
  • taking the time to prepare and eat your food mindfully, and sharing this experience with others, so you have the space to appreciate the love and care that went into putting the food on your plate

We all have the power to contribute to the Slow Food Movement through the choices we make when it comes to our food. Start small, start simple and start slow, and watch your appreciation for food change fast!

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