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Spray Free, Pesticide Free, Organic – What’s the difference?

By July 25, 2019Newsletter

As consumers, we have the right to know what happens to the food we buy and feed our families with. There are so many companies out there that use loose labelling on their food such as ‘spray free’, ‘pesticide free’ and ‘organic’. But what the hell does that even mean?? Do we just blindly trust that what they are saying is truthful?

Firstly, the terms ‘spray free’, ‘pesticide free’ and ‘organic’ are often thrown around in the agricultural industry and because there are no legal definitions, governing bodies or regulation of labelling around these terms, it unfortunately means that these terms can and do get misused. The terms are generally used by non-organic growers to compete with the Certified Organic markets.

If your local farmer is using the terms ‘spray free’ or ‘pesticide free’, most definitely ask them how they are protecting their crops? What fertilisers and chemicals do they use? How do they treat their soils prior to planting to ensure it is of optimum nutrition for the crops? If a product is labelled ‘pesticide free’, it may not have been sprayed with herbicides and other pesticides but it may well have been grown with genetically modified seeds. This is just as bad as using chemicals all over them as we don’t know the true impact of GM foods yet really on our health or the environment!

The only sure way to really know how your food has been treated and produced prior to you buying and consuming it is to buy Certified Organic produce and meat products. There are six regulatory bodies for Certified Organic products available in Australia but without doubt the most popular is Australian Certified Organic. You can recognise this by looking for the bud logo on its packaging:

Every ACO Certified Organic product will have this certification logo on it as proof of the high standards the producer has adhered to when growing or producing the product. It is an absolute guarantee of the Certified Organic standard.

Bottom line, without a doubt if you want quality food not pumped full of chemicals, pesticides, GMO and lots of other nasties then always look for the bud!

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