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Do you know where you should be storing your produce?

By January 21, 2019Tips and Tricks

I love my fruit and veggies, I do. What I really don’t like is when they spoil before I’ve had a chance to enjoy them!

Storing food the right way really can make all the difference in how it keeps, and how much doesn’t end up in the bin. Some fruit and veggies release a natural gas called Ethylene which speeds up the ripening process. That can be an advantage – to ripen an avocado for example, you can store in a sealed paper bag. However, too much ethylene also causes produce to spoil quicker.

Figuring out whether to store your produce in the fridge or not is actually only half the battle. Some fruits and veggies should be stored separately no matter where they are kept to avoid over ripening and rotting. A good guide is to keep high-ethylene emitting fruits apart from other produce.

So I have done a bit of research about where is the best place to keep my fruit and veggies to maximise their life span and incorporated it into the handy little chart below.

Hope you find this helpful, I know I did and now my fruit and veggies are keeping longer and I get to enjoy them all with a lot less waste!


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