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Try for 5 with Munch Crunch!

By October 19, 2018Lifestyle
Eat the rainbow


Happy National Nutrition Week!

One of our favourite things in the world is food- good, fresh, nutritious food. We’re passionate about growing it and we’re even more passionate about eating it! Being based in the Northern Rivers regions means we are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, fertile farmland. Our weekly harvest is full of produce which is delivered as close to harvest as possible, ensuring it’s as fresh and nutritionally dense as possible. By sourcing local, seasonal produce our Harvests provide great options for delicious meals.

Nutrition Australia is marking this year’s National Nutrition Week with the theme ‘Small Change, Big Gains’ and the campaign Try for 5, encouraging Australians to eat the Australia dietary guidelines of 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit a day. A serving is approximately one cup, which is about the size of an apple, or a handful of beans. It seems pretty easy but it is alarming to discover that only 4% of Australians eat the recommended intake of fruit and veggies  It is even MORE alarming to learn that while Australians are still trying to reach the goal of 5 serves a day, this is still lagging behind standards of other countries, like Italy, which encourage 9 a day!

Nutritious food and a diverse diet are incredibly important for every aspect of our lives. The nutrients we need for physical, mental, emotional and social health come from our diet and a good variety of fruit and veggies! There’s a proverb attributed to Hippocrates (the Greek great-grandfather of medicine): “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The ancient Greeks recognised the benefits food had on our bodies, and how a diet of good food which strengthened our body was better than having to treat sickness caused by a poor diet.

Needing some inspiration for getting your 5 (or more) a day? Check out our 5 easy tips below for eating your 5+ a day!


Baby and peas

Our Tips

1. Eat the rainbow!

Ensure you eat veggies of different colours. The different colours of vegetables contain different The South Australian government has released a handy, easy-to-read guide on the differnet colour groups and benefits of vegetables (check it out here) and has a handy list of rainbow recipes here.

2. Try something new ‍

Be adventurous and try a new recipe, or even just a new vegetable! By trying a new veggie, you’ll easily get even more nutritional variety in your diet, and trying new recipes or cuisines will show you how to use and cook vegetables in ways you may not have considered before! Hearty dishes from Southern and Eastern Europe are full of veggies (think mousaka from Greece or ratatoille from France!) while Asian and Latin American cuisine is full of fresh veggies (Asian salad or a Mexican salsa anyone?). We make it easier for our Munch Crunch Family to try a new dish  by providing a different recipe card with every Harvest delivery.

3. Remember: 1 of 5 not 5 of 1

When talking vegetable servings, ‘five servings’ means one serving of five DIFFERENT vegetables, not five servings of one vegetable. And no, hot chips don’t count as a sufficiently nutritious serving (believe us, we already checked). Our Veggie Only Harvest is packed with way more than five seasonal veggies, so your body receives only the best!

Beetroot berry smoothie

4. Add your veggies to EVERYTHING

The fun thing about cooking is that there are (almost) no rules! Just because a recipe doesn’t traditionally call for vegetables it doesn’t mean you can’t chuck some in! It could be as simple as adding a few servings of chopped carrot, peas and spinach to your spaghetti bolognese or a recipe as delicious as these sweet potato brownies (YES sweet potato!) from Deliciously Ella.

5. Drink the rainbow!

Vegetables don’t have to be consumed in their whole form- they are also delicious in soups, sauces, dips, smoothies and juices! Drinking your veggies makes it feel like less of an effort, even if it does seem a little odd to add veggies to your favourite breaky smoothie. Our Juice and Shake Harvest comes with veggies which are perfect for you to shake up your veggie consumption (see what we did there) and get those five servings in without a hassle!

Importantly, our Munch Crunch produce is 100% Certified Organic, which means when you eat our veggies, you are eating ONLY pure, natural goodness- there are no nutrient-killing chemicals on any of our produce!

Do you have a favourite veggie dish or a clever way to sneak veggies into a meal? We want to hear it! Share with us in the comments so we can try them out too!



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