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What’s From The Farms Spring Week 5

By September 23, 2019What's From the Farm


Hello Munch Crunch Fam,

We hope you had a relaxing and restorative weekend, and are ready to dive into a productive week!

We’ve had a warm and windy week in and around the Byronshire, and we’re hoping to see some more wet weather for our farmers after last week’s glimmer of rain.

Coming up in next week’s 100% Certified Organic farm fresh fruit and veggie boxes, expect a particularly tasty spring harvest including sweet Alfourer Mandarins, tangy Passionfruit, Curly Black Kale, and unbeatably farm fresh Parsley.

For our meat lovers, we have a mouth-watering mix of premium cuts from our ethically sourced Sustainable Meat Packs, including a tender Lamb Leg RoastBBQ Rib Fillet Steaks and family favourite Chicken Drumsticks!

In other exciting news – you can now shop Barambah Organic’s award-winning, creamy cheeses in our pantry section! Choose from Certified Organic Cheddar (available in 250g block, 210g sliced & 250g shredded) and crumbly Feta. Watch this space for more coming soon!

Sign into your Farmgate and add a block in time for next week’s delivery!

Don’t miss out – make sure you place your order for next week by Wednesday 10:00pm AEST!

A full list of our delivery areas by suburb and day can be found here.


SNEAK PEEK – What’s in your box next week?


BBQ Rib Fillet Steaks – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Lamb Leg Roast – Jenny & Cam, Longreach QLD

 Beef Mince – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Italian Beef Rissoles – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Chicken Drumsticks – Fred & Sarah, Kilkivan QLD



BBQ Rib Fillet Steaks – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Diced Beef – Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Beef Mince – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Italian Beef Rissoles – Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Sirloin Beef Roast – Channel Country, OBE Organics




 Delicious Red Apples – McMahon Farms

 CaraCara Oranges – Murray Grove

 Red Dacca Bananas – Farmer Baston

 Afourer Mandarins – Kambara Organic Citrus

 Kifler Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Leeks – Heppel

 Cauliflower – Black Crow Organics

 Carrots – Huggins Organic Farm

 Silver Beet – Peak Harvest

 Curly Black Kale – Coolibah Herbs

 Swiss Brown Mushrooms – Benalla Mushroom Farm

 Fennel – Maurie & Maria Cafra, Cafresco Organics

 Honeydew Melon – Boruca Organics

 Passionfruit – Lakeland Produce

 Chillies – Mt Alma Organics

 Parsley – Stephen & Angela Pennell, Scenic Rim Organics



 Kifler Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Leeks – Heppel

 Cauliflower – Black Crow Organics

 Carrots – Huggins Organic Farm

 Silver Beet – Peak Harvest 

 Curly Black Kale – Coolibah Herbs

 Swiss Brown Mushrooms – Benalla Mushroom Farms

 Fennel – Maurie & Maria Cafra, Cafresco Organics

 Chillies – Mt Alma Organics

 Parsley – Stephen & Angela Pennell, Scenic Rim Organics



 Apple Granny Smith – McMahon Farms

 Banana – Farmer Baston

 Lime – Lakeland Produce

 Bush Lemons – Kambara Organic Citrus

 Navel Oranges – Murray Grove

 Mint – Coolibah Herbs

 Carrots – Huggins Organic Farms

 Curly Black Kale – Coolibah Herbs

 Turmeric – Nicholson Farms

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