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What’s From The Farms Spring Week 10

By October 28, 2019What's From the Farm


Hello Munch Crunch Fam!

Firstly, we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to our wonderful Munch Crunchers for voting for us in this year’s OCCA’s Consumer Choice Awards! We’re THRILLED to announce that we were the WINNER of the ‘Best Sustainable Organic Organisation‘, and a top nominee in the ‘Favourite Organic Brand‘ and ‘Organic Online Store‘ categories!

With Christmas just around the corner, we are now taking PRE-ORDERS for our highly demanded Certified Organic Christmas Boxes. CLICK HERE and enter your email to be notified once orders are open!

In the meantime, here’s what to expect from next week’s harvest!

With big beautiful Butternut Pumpkins, huge heads of Cauliflower, majestic bulbs of Fennel and sizeable Honeydew Melons on their way, expect to put your muscles to work moving your box from doorstep to counter-top!

We’re also excited to give our breakfast bowls a tropical twist with tangy Passionfruit and delightfully sweet Honey Murcot Mandarins, which taste great paired with Barambah’s creamy Certified Organic yoghurts.

If you’re expecting a Premium Meat Pack next week, we have a fall-off-the-bone Lamb Leg Roast. We also have some quick cooking Chicken Drumsticks, Italian Beef Rissoles and Thin BBQ Rib Fillet Steaks to add some variety to your weeknight meals.

Yet to give our Sustainable Meat Packs a try? They won’t be beaten on taste, quality and value! Add one to your next regular order today!

Don’t miss out – make sure you place your order for next week by Wednesday 10:00pm AEST!

A full list of our delivery areas by suburb and day can be found here.


SNEAK PEEK – What’s in your box next week?


 Thin BBQ Rib Fillet Steaks – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Lamb Leg Roast – Jenny & Cam, Longreach QLD

 Italian Beef Rissoles – Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Beef Mince – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Chicken Drumsticks – Fred & Sarah, Kilkivan QLD



 Italian Beef Rissoles – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Diced Beef – Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Beef Mince – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Thin BBQ Rib Fillet Steaks Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Sirloin Beef Roast – Channel Country, OBE Organics




 Granny Smith Apples – McMahon Farms

 Cavendish Bananas – Lakeland Organics

 Valencia Oranges – Kambara Organics

 Honey Murcott Mandarins – Kambara Organics

 Hass Avocados – Wodonga Organics

 Butternut Pumpkin – Cafresco Organics

 Leeks – Kalfresh Organics

 Nicola Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Cauliflower – Cafresco Organics

 Yellow Carrots – Kalfresh Organics

 Silverbeet – Coolibah Herbs

 Baby Cos Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Swiss Brown Mushrooms – Pittwater Organics

 Fennel – Isis River Produce

Honeydew Melon – Kambara Organics

 Passionfruit – Lakeland Produce

 Chillies – River Life Farm

 Curly Parsley – Coolibah Herbs




 Leeks – Cafresco Organics

 Nicola Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Butternut Pumpkin – Cafresco Organics

 Cauliflower – Kalfresh Organics

 Yellow Carrots – Kalfresh Organics

 Silverbeet – Coolibah Herbs

 Baby Cos Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Swiss Brown Mushrooms – Pittwater Organics

 Fennel – Isis River Produce

 Chillies – Peak Life Farms

 Curly Parsley – Coolibah Herbs



 Apple Granny Smith – McMahon Farms

 Banana – Farmer Baston

 Lime – Lakeland Produce

 Bush Lemons – Kambara Organic Citrus

 Navel Oranges – Murray Grove

 Mint – Coolibah Herbs

 Carrots – Huggins Organic Farms

 Curly Black Kale – Coolibah Herbs

 Turmeric – Nicholson Farms

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