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What’s From The Farms Spring Week 11

By November 4, 2019What's From the Farm


Hello Munch Crunch Fam!

Can you believe we’re in November already?! It’s hard to believe that we’re in the last month of spring, and that there are only 6 weeks to go until Chrissy Day! With that in mind, we have officially opened pre-orders for our LIMITED Ethically Sourced, Organic Christmas Meat Packs, so you can tick one HUGE job off the to-do list! CLICK HERE to secure yours now!

We’ve certainly been feeling the heat creep up in the Byron Shire, and our local network of farmers have been working tirelessly to conserve water and plan their crops around a far drier than average spring. We’ve been working closely to limit our subs and get the very best farm fresh produce and quality Certified Organic meat to you lovely members!

With that in mind, let’s take a peek at what’s coming in next week’s boxes!

Our local farmers have had a whopping season of everyone’s favourite Hass Avocados, which we’ve loved teaming up with fresh mango and crisp Iceberg Lettuce for a quick and healthy lunch. We can’t wait to get our hands on the colourful red and orange Mini Capsicums due to be harvested too!

We’re also expecting to see another round of beautifully sweet (and super cute!) Baby Pineapples from our farmers in Bundaberg, QLD, which make the perfect spring fruit salad teamed with tangy Yellow Grapefruit, vibrant Pawpaw and juicy Valencia Oranges.

Expecting one of our Certified Organic Premium Meat Packs? With Premium Eye Fillet Steaks, Aussies BBQ Rissoles and a Beef Eye Round Roast in the mix, you’ll be racing home for dinner! We can’t wait to  smother these Chicken Wings in hot sauce and dunk them into a homemade creamy blue cheese dip – yum!

Thinking about giving our Sustainable Meat Packs a try? There’s no time like the present! Add one to your next regular order and tuck into these delicious cuts next week!

Don’t miss out – make sure you place your order for next week by Wednesday 10:00pm AEST!

A full list of our delivery areas by suburb and day can be found here.


SNEAK PEEK – What’s in your box next week?


 Premium Eye Fillet Steaks – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Lamb Mince – Jenny & Cam, Longreach QLD

 Aussie BBQ Rissoles – Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Sirloin Beef Roast – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Chicken Wings – Fred & Sarah, Kilkivan QLD



 Aussie BBQ Rissoles – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Chuck Beef Portion – Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Beef Mince – Channel Country, OBE Organics

Sliced Premium Rib Fillet Steaks Channel Country, OBE Organics

 Beef Eye Round Roast – Channel Country, OBE Organics




 Baby Pineapple – Mangoes R Us

 Lady Finger Bananas – Lakeland Organics

 Valencia Oranges – Kambara Organics

 Yellow Grapefruit – Kambara Organics

 Hass Avocados – Wodonga Organics

 Jap Pumpkin – Cafresco Organics

 Celery – Kalfresh Organics

 Dutch Cream Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Mini Capsicum – Cafresco Organics

 Brown Onions – Kalfresh Organics

 Iceberg Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Baby Cos Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Daikon Radish – Pittwater Organics

 Roma Tomatoes – Isis River Produce

Pawpaw – Kambara Organics

 Passionfruit – Lakeland Produce

 Garlic – River Life Farm

 Chives – Coolibah Herbs




 Celery – Cafresco Organics

 Dutch Cream Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Jap Pumpkin – Cafresco Organics

 Mini Capsicums – Kalfresh Organics

 Brown Onions – Kalfresh Organics

 Iceberg Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Baby Cos Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Daikon Radish – Pittwater Organics

 Roma Tomatoes – Isis River Produce

 Garlic – Peak Life Farms

 Chives – Coolibah Herbs



 Apple Granny Smith – McMahon Farms

 Banana – Farmer Baston

 Lime – Lakeland Produce

 Bush Lemons – Kambara Organic Citrus

 Navel Oranges – Murray Grove

 Mint – Coolibah Herbs

 Carrots – Huggins Organic Farms

 Curly Black Kale – Coolibah Herbs

 Turmeric – Nicholson Farms

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