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What’s From The Farms Spring Week 13

By November 12, 2019What's From the Farm


Hello Munch Crunchers,

After another week of tragic bushfires, we would like to take a moment to thank our heroic firemen and firewomen for their bravery and tireless work, as well as all the selfless volunteers who have banded together to give their support 💚

If you would like to donate to the Rural Fire Service and support their efforts, you can do so HERE.

In the meantime, please keep safe and take care of one another 🙏

Here’s what to expect in next week’s boxes.

Did you know that the Artichoke is actually the bud of a thistle? Its leaves cover a fuzzy “choke”, which sits on top of a meaty core “heart”, which is completely edible and super delicious! To roast, simply cut the bottom of the stem and top inch of the artichoke, pluck the lowest leaves and chop any other pointy tops, then slice the whole plant in half. Scoop out the middle and fill with your favourite herbs, brush with olive oil and pop in the oven for roughly 10 minutes. Serve with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy!

We also have big bunches of English Spinach on their way, which are packed with high amounts of cancer-fighting carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin Kiron and calcium. Sauté in olive oil with farm fresh Purple Garlic and toasted pine nuts for a side dish that’s ready in a flash.

And if you’ve been loving the arrival of our White and Yellow Nectarines, you HAVE to try them served with our deliciously creamy Barambah Organics Bush Honey Yoghurt. They’re a match made in breakfast heaven!

For those expecting a Certified Organic Premium Meat Pack next week, prepare to tuck into the highest quality Premium Rib Fillet Steaks, fall-off-the-bone Lamb Shanks and a flavourful Rump Cap Roast, perfect for barbecuing!

Thinking about giving our Sustainable Meat Packs a try? There’s no time like the present! Add one to your next regular order and tuck into these delicious cuts next week!

Don’t miss out – make sure you place your order for next week by Wednesday 10:00pm AEST!

A full list of our delivery areas by suburb and day can be found here.


SNEAK PEEK – What’s in your box next week?


 Sliced Premium Rib Fillet Steak
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)
 BBQ Beef Sausages
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)
 Beef Mince
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)
 Lamb Shanks
      Jenny & Cam (Longreach, QLD)
 Whole Roast Chook
      Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan, QLD) 



 BBQ Beef Sausages
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)
 Rump Cap Roast
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)
 Beef Mince
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)
 Sliced Premium Rib Fillet Steak
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)
 Beef Brisket Portion
      OBE Organics (Channel Country)




 Red Delicious Apples – McMahon Farms

 Cavendish Bananas – Lakeland Organics

 Yellow Nectarines – Kambara Organics

 Yellow Grapefruit – Kambara Organics

 Hass Avocados – Wodonga Organics

 Artichokes – Cafresco Organics

 Beetroot – Kalfresh Organics

 Kipfler Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Broccoli – Cafresco Organics

 Orange Carrots – Kalfresh Organics

 English Spinach – Coolibah Herbs

 Oak Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Green Capsicum- Pittwater Organics

 Cucumber – Isis River Produce

Baby Pineapple – Kambara Organics

 R2E2 Mango – Lakeland Produce

 Purple Garlic – River Life Farm

 Dill – Coolibah Herbs




 Artichokes – Black Crow Organics

 Kipfler Potatoes – Black Crow Organics

 Beetroot – Cafresco Organics

 Broccoli – Kalfresh Organics

 Orange Carrots – Kalfresh Organics

 English Spinach – Coolibah Herbs

 Oak Lettuce – Coolibah Herbs

 Green Capsicum – Pittwater Organics

 Cucumber – Isis River Produce

 Purple Garlic – Peak Life Farms

 Dill – Coolibah Herbs



 Apple Granny Smith – McMahon Farms

 Banana – Farmer Baston

 Lime – Lakeland Produce

 Bush Lemons – Kambara Organic Citrus

 Navel Oranges – Murray Grove

 Mint – Coolibah Herbs

 Carrots – Huggins Organic Farms

 Curly Black Kale – Coolibah Herbs

 Turmeric – Nicholson Farms

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