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What is 100% Certified Organic Meat? Leading the Way in Sustainable Food

By November 16, 2018Lifestyle

More and more consumers are asking, where is our meat coming from? Which is a great question to ask.

It’s consumer power to be wanting to in touch with what we are spending on, what we are truly receiving, and what our action is doing for the community. It starts with asking the question and wanting to be in touch with the food you eat and supporting local farmers in our food system.

There are so many benefits to choosing to eat 100% Australian Certified Organic meat. Organic farming is natural farming close to the way nature intended as possible no synthetic fertilizers, no chemicals, no gross things you wouldn’t want in your food like antibiotics. It’s the farmers working with mother nature rather than against it. This bud logo you see is the holy grail to shopping for premium food products and this applies for meat as well. What the bud logo means with meat is maintaining the integrity of the Australian Certified Organic Certification throughout the whole process from tip to tail. Starting with the land, to the farmer, then through the whole process to when it reaches your plate, the final product IS organic. Truly what organic means and what you are paying for!! That’s what the ACO logo means with meat. It pretty much guarantees when a consumer is buying an organic product and see the logo, they know they are paying for what they deserve on the label.

100% Certified Organic, natural sustainable meat is raised with farming practices with extremely high animal welfare standards and incorporating to the ACO standards. The animals out in the open paddock spend lots of time doing what they do best out in nature and enjoying the organic farmland. No stress hormones are involved with the animals. It’s not a bad life!

A natural, diverse, and purely 100% Certified Organic pasture fed improves the diet and naturally improves meat flavor. Natural sustainable meat that is raised with farming practices that lead to a clean product and an improving land quality. There are some common terms used to label a meat product you are purchasing such as “Grass Fed” which is ethical and a better way to go compared to the standardized meat pack seen on the grocery store shelves with no credentials. But don’t get the two mixed up. Grass Fed and 100% Certified Organic are different as the animals raised with the ACO logo must comply with the high standards such as all animals being raised on pastures that are 100% Certified Organic and the feed is also of standard as well. It’s a gold standard.

By focusing on caring for our land and preparing our meat packs that are natural and like our name says – sustainable. Honestly, the most natural way for you to realize 100% Certified Organic meat is better is simply by trying it out, having a taste!!

It’s all you guys that are building this choice available for the community and making the option of supporting organic an option. We’re confident that on trying true organic meat, you’ll find yourself realizing how good it can really taste.

If you are interested in trying out our new sustainable beef back, please send us an email at [email protected] for your special discount code, limited amount available.


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