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What’s From The Farms Winter Week 10

By July 26, 2019What's From the Farm

We are so lucky to have our awesome Certified Organic Local Farmers Network, they truly are awesome at what they do and we love receiving their freshly harvested delicious produce each and every week. They have got us yummy Pumpkin, Rhubarb and Yellow Squash for this week as always amongst lots of other delicious fruit and veggies in our produce boxes. Our meat boxes for this week have Chicken Marylands, BBQ Beef Sausages and Premium Sirloin steaks included. All of our boxes are sustainably picked and packed just for you to enjoy and helping on your journey to sustainable living!

Our Plastic Free July giveaway is now closed and the winner will have received their confirmation email. We hope you all got your entries in and maybe some extra ones by sharing with your friends and family. Keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway on our social media channels.

All our deliveries can be followed in Realtime via the link you will receive by SMS and once you have your delivery a second SMS as proof of delivery is sent with a photo, including the time, date and location in case you missed us.

Make sure you get your order in for next week by Wednesday 10:00pm AEST!

A full list of our delivery areas by suburb and day can be found here.


SNEAK PEEK – What’s in your box next week?


 Lamb Loin Chops – Jenny & Cam (Longreach)

 Chicken Marylands – Jenny & Cam (Longreach) 

 Beef Mince – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)

 BBQ Beef Sausages – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)

 Beef Brisket Portion – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)



 Sliced Premium Sirloin Steaks – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)

 Diced Beef – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)

 Beef Mince – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)

 BBQ Beef Sausages – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)

 Beef Brisket Portion – Fred & Sarah (Kilkivan)




 Apples Granny Smith – McMahons

 Orange Navel – Lockyer Valley

 Lemons Bush – Lockyer Valley

 Rhubarb – Mark & Sara

 Pumpkin JAP – Cudgens

 Carrots Orange – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Cabbage Red – Sheia

 Carrot Purple – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Collard Greens – Sheia

 Silverbeet – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Cauliflower Purple – Mark & Sara

 Squash Yellow – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Apples Red Delicious – Sheia

 Grapefruit Ruby – Cudgens

 Ginger – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Oregano – Coolibah Herbs




 Pumpkin JAP – Cudgens

 Carrots Orange – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Cabbage Red – Sheia

 Carrot Purple Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Collard Greens – Sheia

 Silverbeet – Sheia

 Cauliflower Purple – Mark & Sara

 Squash Yellow  Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Ginger – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Oregano – Coolibah Herbs



 Apple Granny Smith – McMahons

 Banana – Mark & Sara

 Apple Granny Smith x2 – McMahons

 Lemons Bush – Lockyer Valley

 Orange Navel – Lockyer Valley

 Mint – Coolibah Herbs

 Carrots Orange – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Kale Curly/Black – Rob (Gulgan Organics)

 Turmeric – Coolibah Herbs

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