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Why Eating 80% Certified Organic is Better Than 0%

By November 23, 2018Lifestyle

For thousands of year, the primitive humans consumed nothing but organic food. If it worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for us? Today, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the place we live in are all sources of exposure to hundreds of different kinds of chemicals.

While nothing short of closing ourselves in a sterile bubble could keep us safe from the environmental chemical infiltration, we can watch we eat. 100% Certified Organic Food is nourishment derived from the soil free of synthetic chemicals. They haven’t been tampered with genetically either.

If you have been wanting to make a change in your life and going organic, don’t make a decision before knowing all the facts. Here are some reasons why going Certified Organic is the best choice for you:

No Neurotoxins

100% Certified Organic Food is free of neurotoxins that can affect our brains and neurons negatively. Pesticides commonly used in conventional agricultural methods can end up on your plate. One class of pesticides, the organophosphates, wasn’t even developed with food in mind. Originally, the organophosphates were deployed as toxic nerve agents during the First World War. After the war was over, they were adapted for use in the agricultural industry. Imagine what such a neurotoxin could be doing to your brains!

Healthy Soil

Switching to organic food isn’t just better for us. It is also essential if we want the earth to stay healthy and support the future generations! The current method of farming and raising cattle is taking a toll on the soils. When growers spray the plants with extremely toxic chemicals while growing non-organic food, they don’t just kill the pathogens. They are also depleting the living organisms found in the soil that make it nutrient rich! Repetitive bouts of spraying could end up terminating the microbial population for good. We might think that we will be able to replace these natural fertilizers with synthetic ones, but that isn’t a sustainable practice!

Nutritious Food

The nutrient composition of non-organic crops is quite low as compared to the crops grown organically. This study showed that the latter was more prolific when it came to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. On the other hand, the concentration of heavy metals like cadmium was much lower in 100% Certified Organic Food. Right now, we are depositing heavy metals in our bodies that can lead to various health issues! Other studies have indicated that good nutrition derived from the soil can boost the concentration of flavonoids in crops. Flavonoids are nature’s defense against cancer. When plants are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, the toxic chemicals in them can hamper flavonoid production.

Better Nutrition

Organically grown food doesn’t just refer to plants. It is a broad term that includes meat and milk. Organic dairy like milk and cheese can have half as more omega-3 fatty acids as that found in conventionally produced products! What makes that possible you ask? When the organic livestock has grass-fed diet, they produce milk that is organically rich.

To conclude, treating our crops with synthetic fertilizers and lab-prepared pesticides is affected more than the pathogens. It is time we all stopped letting the assumption that organic is expensive stop us. If you can’t afford to go 100% Certified Organic (which there are affordable options out there), then aim lower and ensure that 60-80% of the food you consume is organically grown. The health of your family and future generations is in your hands!


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